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How to Make Your Bath Your Beauty Aid

The daily dip can do more than cleanse .... it can banish nervous fatigue, depressing thoughts, soothe weary limbs, and wash excess fat away!

Dont look upon your bath as a necessity, a splash-in-and-dash out affair to rid the body of surface grime. Rather look upon it as a means of retaining radiant health, as an aid to good looks and slim figures, as a happy contribution, physically and spiritually, to your charm, well-being, and frame of mind.

In these days of rush and hurry these nights filled with parties dances, theatres, bridge, etc., we feel we haven't time for leisurely luxurious baths But. think!

Do you realise that every day when you take your bath you are giving yourself the most important of all beauty treatments? And yet the majority of us neglect
to make the most of the opportunities it offers us.

Twenty minutes in your bath can be as restful as lying down for a couple of hours in a darkened room

A leisurely, perfumed bath, fragrant with sweet-scented soap, will do more than wash away grime of office and streets. It will banish all the sordid thoughts, the nervous fatigue of the busy day. You will emerge from the bathroom a much nicer, sweeter more feminine and attractive girl or woman

A long, long, soaking bath taken hot with half a pound of the commercial Epsom salts (obtainable at the chemist's) will help to banish unwanted fat and
alleviate rheumatism

Soak until the water cools almost to normal. Beware of chill, and don't have the water boiling hot, or, better still, don't indulge if the old heart is rocky

The best time to take such a bath is at bedtime. Wrap yourself up well and slip directly into bed. You can aid the good work by sipping a glassful of hot
lemon juice;-juice of one lemon, the balance hot water.

But, remember! Exercise, whether it be a combination of housework and gardening, office work and the  walking, is a necessary adjunct
to the slimming bath if muscles and contours are not to sag. And you know that a stiff upper lip is essential when pastries, sweets, etc.. are offering.

Helping the Good Work

Be moderate if you must eat them, but always close your eyes when a second helping is handed round. (I'm putting on weight fast, and realise I must be
firm about it all, too. So, you see, you have my whole-hearted moral support or sympathy-in the slimming process.

Back to baths. Two tablespoonfuls of ordinary household ammonia, a tablespoon of mustard tied in a muslin bag and shaken into the bath, will make you feel as frisky as a lamb, even in winter

Once a week a cupful of starch is added to the bath is a famous beauty treatment. It is an old Spanish custom which does wonder:- for the skin

Smoothing almond oil over the body and rubbing well in before jumping into a luxuriously warm, perfumed, and scapy bath, is another lovely trick to make your skin satin-smooth.

A cold shower following the bath will stimulate circulation and make you feel on the top of the world.

Of course, there are lovely essences, crystals and tablets to be bought for the beauty bath. Or you can take any pot-pourri and mix it with an equal quantity of borax crystals and place this in a muslin bag and shake these around in the water The potpourri makes the water fragrant, the borax softens

Another water softener is oatmeal. Mix about a tablespoonful of oatmeal with a teaspoonful of powdered orris root and a dessertspoonful of pure Castile soap (shaven), place in a muslin bag, and shake in the water.

Bran is also a water softener; lemon juice or coarse salt are also beneficial adjuncts to the bath-ware;

Eau-de-Cologne is marvellous for toning up the body after the bath. Use a spray, and then rub with a towel briskly A friction toilet vinegar can be made from one part of spirits of lavender, two parts of best vinegar, and six parts rose-water

Spray on the body, rub briskly with a towel, and then dust the body lightly with talc.

It is a practical and simple routine that will help you to completely revive in body and spirit. 
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