Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How OLD You Want to be This Time NEXT YEAR??

How OLD will you be this time NEXT YEAR??... Radiantly Younger or pathetically Older ? The Solution lies in Your hands... which is it to be?

Start off the New Year with  firm resolutions-not to be broken like so many others!

Make it a pleasant New Year task and try to conquer your worst fault of looks.

Perhaps you frown or screw up your eyes-you can cure that by taking care not to. It's a habit, and you can break it.

Perhaps you don't walk gracefully. You can teach yourself, by walking back and forth before a mirror, watching each step, making every effort to walk more gracefully and easily.

Of course, if you're too fat, you can diet down a few pounds, and if you're too thin, you can build up a few pounds by eating the right sort of food.

You can improve the skin by massage and other external care. Get a good beauty expert to tell you just what you need for your particular type of skin, and then follow her directions carefully.

Walking and summer sports can be made to do lots for your general looks -your figure will become more supple and your carriage more graceful if you consistently carry out some sort of pleasant exercise.

Cheating Time

Those who persist in refusing to assist nature to preserve the bloom of youth surely must regret it when they enter the forties, if not before. At this stage it requires constant effort to make good the ravages of youth.

Just stop for a moment and consider how the face is exposed to all kinds of weather-hot, cold, windy or dusty. It is open to attack from other sources also. It mirrors your health, your age, your peace of mind.

Some faces, of course, show these things more so than others, but the face which is not cared for is bound to show all too soon that it has lacked attention. So, encourage beauty to last. 

Look to your health. Make a determined effort to oust worry from the mind. This is sometimes hard, I know. But it can be done. Meet your problems bravely. Face life with a smile.

Banish Lines

Look also to your skin. Nourish it. Drawn, dry, dull-looking skin denotes uncared-for skin. Your skin should look like rose petals, not like parchment. Soft velvety is young skin. Keep yours young by making it look and feel soft. If your skin becomes dry, naturally it will become lined. Lines are such insidious things.They begin in a small way, but rapidly grow deeper.

Moreover, it is possible to have fine lines which you do not observe without careful scrutiny. Age hardly counts. Pine lines can be found in quite young faces; they-listen to this carefully deepen with wrong treatment.

Treat your lines gently. Even if you are applying a cold cream smooth it across the lines with quite a light touch-and upward and outward.

      Home care is necessary to keep that well-groomed appearance.
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