Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Angel

I just joined 30-day blogging challenge of Amanda. It's a themed challenge. We have to write 5 posts per week on a specific theme. This week's theme is to create content that reveals our self. To be written something about us.
       I am mom to my three cute daughters and wife to my husband and a caretaker of the house. But what is my identity besides these roles? I never had the time to think about myself, about my identity. There was no time to think about my happiness, my dreams or do something no matter how small just for me. There was no me time.
              Then something terrible happened and one angel came into my life. She softly holds my hand and guided me to meet myself. She encouraged me to do something just for me, for my happiness without hurting my other roles as mom, wife or caretaker. She is no more with me today. She is gone from where no one returns back. The god called her back. But she is always in my heart, in my prayers. 


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