Saturday, November 7, 2015

How To Handle Puppy Anxiety Like A Pro

Some new puppy owners are so worried about housebreaking puppies that they forget to learn How to handle puppy separation anxiety. It's important for puppy owners to learn true puppy separation anxiety solutions. One way to do this is to get a puppy used to being in a crate. This can be done by using treats placed inside the crate. Allowing the puppy to freely go in and out of the crate will help build a certain comfort level. Closing the door once the puppy is inside will get the puppy used to being inside. The time that the puppy is inside can be slowly increased day to day.

Toys can also be used when dealing with puppy separation anxiety. Once the puppy is used to being in the crate for an hour or so, a toy or bone can be introduced to the crate. The puppy can then pass time by playing with the toy or bone. If a puppy ever starts barking while inside the crate, it's important for the dog owner to ignore the noise. Paying attention to the puppy while noise is being made will only re enforce this type of behavior. The puppy should only be allowed out of the crate when there isn't any noise being made.

For some people, learning How to handle puppy separation anxiety may be more difficult because they don't leave home a lot. Some retired people may forget that their puppies have to be trained to deal with puppy anxiety just like other dogs. In such cases, people can place puppies in other rooms once every so often so that the puppy learns that it's perfectly fine to be alone. Ideally, the room should be far enough away so that the puppy doesn't really hear that the owner is home. Doing this at night when the owner is going to bed can work. Pretending to exit the home is sometimes good because it gets the puppy used to hearing the door close.

Another puppy separation anxiety treatment is getting the puppy to associate leaving with good things. Putting on a jacket or jingling keys can be done just for practice. After these things are done, a treat can be given to the puppy. When it comes time to really leave, a puppy won't get nervous when these signs are noticed.


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