Monday, October 19, 2015

Adorable Christmas Gift for Cookie Makers

Christmas and cookie are inseparable. We can’t imagine one without the other.

                                               Baking cookies with Christmas theme is so much exciting.These Christmas cookie cutters are excellent gifts for all cookie makers.

These Christmas cookie cutters are very sturdy, not flimsy like some of those bargain cutters.

    They have a clean, sharp metal edge which makes it easy to cut dough. The metal doesn't bend. They won't rust because they're stainless steel.

   The edge is sharp enough to cut smoothly through dough without leaving rough edges. The shapes come out so crisp. Making large cookies mean fewer cookies to frost.

     Having nice deep sides (1 3/4") making them very versatile. These are perfect for making a crustless sandwich in a cute Christmas shape.You can cut the centre of a pie crust for a special look.

It is great for making a stencil for cards.You can use it to make a Christmas ornament from clays.

                  The soft plastic comfort grip prevents the cutter from hurting your hands while pressing cutter into cookie dough. It makes it easy and comfortable for little hands to easily cut cookies. Your kids will love pressing the bright coloured cookie cutter into the dough and they will make nearly perfect cookies each time.

   The padded grip is good for folks with problem hands like arthritis too.
They are easy to clean as they go through the dishwasher.

    Hope they will make your Christmas cookies making enjoyable & fun.

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