Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blog Makeover Challenge : Day Six

Our task of sixth day was to improve our blog post's headline. Headline of blog post plays an important role in making or breaking its success. Great headlines get a tremendous increase in your blog's traffic and social share.

  Our host Deniala Uslan introduced an awesome 
Headline Power Tool to analyse the headline based on length,sentiments,word choice and number of words. A good headline must score 70 or above.
                I checked one of my blog post's headling "Decorating with Rugs : Tips on Choosing the Right Area Rug for Your Lifestyle" It scored 50B+
After playing around with the tool I choose this headline "How to Choose the Absolutely Right Area Rugs" It scored 76A+  Wow, nice score.
This tool is terrific. From now on I am going to test all my blog post headlines before hitting the publish button.
        Do check this amazing tool and share your experience with us in comments.


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