Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Uncommon Uses of Common Things....Toothpicks

 By shabnamahsan

The toothpicks are commonly found in our homes & restaurants for picking up scraps of food out of teeth. These humble toothpicks are more versatile & useful. Read on & you will find many unusual uses of that thin sliver of wood.

Cake Bake

If you want to know whether your cake is fully baked or not, insert a toothpick and remove. If it comes out clean, cake is perfectly baked, if not, bake further.

Doll House Accessories

Toothpicks are ideal for making accessories for your little daughter's doll house. You can make tiny picture frame, doll's bed, miniature lamp post as it can easily trim and colored.

Stuff Very Small Object

If you love to make very small stuffed animals & objects, use toothpick to pock stuffing inside smallest parts with ease.

Eyeglass Repair

If small screw from your eyeglasses loses, put toothpick in place of lost screw & make glasses wearable until it get fixed.

Cook Sausages Easily

While cooking sausages, skewer two or three together with toothpick. It’ll make turning them over easily and cook more evenly.

Garden Hose Repair

When your garden hose spring a leak, don’t replace it with a new one. Insert a toothpick in the hole and wrap with waterproof tape. Toothpick will swell with water & seal the hole.

Decorate Your Cake Easily

Toothpick helps you in decorating your cake neatly. Sketch any design, number or name on cake frosting. Any mistake can be smoothed out & rewrite. When you get satisfied, and then decorate with icing over the lines.

Find Tape End

Don’t waste your time at searching the end of your tape. Next time when you use it, wrap its end around a toothpick. Now it’ll be easy to use next time.

Apply Glue On Tiny Objects

When you need to apply glue on small objects like sequence or button, use toothpick. It will prevent mess & wastage of glue.

Burn A Lot Of Candles Safely

When you want to light a lot of candles like on birthday cake, light tip of a toothpick. It will save your fingers & match sticks by burning slower & longer.

Prevent Boiled Mess

Ever experienced a boiled mess over your cook top? Put toothpick between pot & lid to avoid it. It will prevent pot form boiling allowing the steam to escape.

Cook Potato Faster

When cooking potato in microwave, prick four toothpicks in one side of potato as legs so that it gets elevated. Now heat will reach from all the directions & potato will cook faster.

Clean Tight Spaces

If you feel difficulty in cleaning hard to reach areas, just pick a toothpick, dip in alcohol & clean tight areas. Easy . J

Repair scratches

To repair the scratches on furniture, vehicles or wall, toothpick is the best tool. Dip its end in paint & touch up the crevice.

Makes Sewing Easier

When sewing a button on your garment, it is necessary to sew it a little loose so it gets through the hole easily. Placing a toothpick between button & garment prevents you from sewing very tightly.

Book Marker

If you are reading a book & you have to go for some work, put a toothpick on the page you read. It will work as an excellent book marker. 

       Hope you will find these tips useful. Share with us your unusual uses of toothpick.


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