Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Avoid 3 Big Mistakes in Weight Loss

By Shabnamahsan

Weight loses & dieting has become a favorite subject in modern world. We all want to get in shape and feel great, but we often do big mistakes which keep us from achieving our weight loose goal.                 
        I am not talking about small mistakes like occasionally eating a big portion of black forest cake or having a glass of Pina Colada, but about the grave mistakes which are responsible for failure of desired weight loss. Knowing these mistakes you will be prepared to avoid them & make your weight loss plan a big success.


You Give Up Easily

You follow your diet religiously for few days or few weeks or few months. One day something happens like you accept a chocolate offered by your friend or eat outside with your family and suddenly you feel like your diet plan shattered. You go back to your unhealthy eating habits. Don’t give up. Try tomorrow again. Be prepared for occasional slip ups.

You Entirely Eliminate Your Favorite Food

A common misconception is that while dieting you can’t eat your favorite food. When you start dieting you avoid every food you love. After sometimes you can’t resist & go out of control or when you reach your targeted weight you start to eat everything you avoided through all this period. As a result you regain your weight. Include your favorite food in your diet & enjoy it in small quantities.

Unrealistic Goal

Like any other project, setting achievable goal is important in your weight loss plan. If you set unrealistic weight loss goal, you set yourself to failure by getting discouraged or burned out. To avoid this, make a realistic action plan taking all circumstances into account. Don't think that you can lose your weight overnight. You gained it over a period of time & cannot shed it instantly. 
       Consider how much weight you want to lose. Try to achieve it in baby steps. Start with smaller goals which you can achieve easily. Instead of setting an unrealistic goal of losing 40 lbs in a month, set a goal of running around the block every day for a week. If you are not in good enough shape to run no problem, set your goal to walk daily for a week. The result may not come very soon, but because it is easier to stick and achieve, you will not get frustrated & quit. Maintain a weight lose journal. It will keep you motivated towards your goal. 
            Hope it will help you in achieving your weight loss goal. Share with us your success story.


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