Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 7 benefits of Triberr and Get free invites

Triberr is a new name in the social world. Actually it is made from a single word called Tribe which represents a group or cadre. So why should we know about it? Do you believe in social promotions like Facebook likes, Tweets, Diggs bookmark, etc then you must know it. It works with Twitter.
So when you join a tribe (or you could make your own) you share tweets with other tribe members and these members will retweet them on their Twitter profile. So the  bigger the tribe is the more retweets you will get. And I am sure you must aware of these retweets advantages. They will bring huge traffic to your site with almost zero effort. 
Top 7 Benefits of Triberr:-
1) Your tweet will be retweeted by large of number people which belong to your niche so more chances to get huge traffic.
2) Almost zero effort is required and takes very less time.
3) You will get a chance to make new friends with similar likes dislikes on Triberr website just like any other social network.
4) Google is planning to include site social popularity in its ranking criteria so its very good for your site.
5) No need to worry about Twitter policies because all the work is done by real humans not by the bots.
6) No need to wait for SEO magic because your new site will start getting the traffic from day one.
7) If your blog is really good then I am sure you will get lots of Facebook fans and other promotions too free of cost without any effort.
Right now the site is invitation based only so many people are asking for the invites.
But hey no need to worry as I have the invites which may be yours if you own any of the following niche blog or site:-
Mommy bloggers, Lifestyle, Home & Family, Health-Fitness bloggers
So please drop a comment and I will send you an invitation to join my Tribe.


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