Saturday, June 18, 2011

How To Clean Leather Furniture

By Shabnamahsan

Leather furniture gives a rich sophisticated look to any style of decor, whether it is modern or retro style. They are available in many colors & styles. The beauty of leather furniture can last a life time if you follow these simple rules in its maintenance, care & cleaning.
Leather varies with its place of origin so it is necessary to ask the seller about it. Read & carefully follow manufacturer’s caring instructions.
      To keep your leather furniture shine for a long time you must keep it clean. Daily dusting with soft dry cloths keeps its pore clean of dust particles. Clean its bottom & crevices with vacuum cleaner.
         Never use lots of water & soup to clean your leather furniture as it will speed up the cracking & breaking process. Strong solvents & ammonia bleach can bleach it so never apply it on your leather furniture.
              Contrary to some people believe, excessive use of leather conditioner is also harmful. Use of mild leather conditioner every 6-12 month is sufficient to keep it soft.
                   Leather furniture should be kept away from direct sunlight as ultra violet rays would fade it. If you have to place it near a sunny window, protect it from dust & sunlight by closing the drapes.
    Place your leather furniture away from fire place. Heat will dry & crack the leather.
            Usually we all have our favorite spots on our furniture where we love to sit & do our favorite activities like reading, chatting or watching tv. These spots needs special attention & pampering as wear & tear appears here fast. Use beautiful sofa backs & spread clothes to protect & enhance the beauty of your favorite spot on your furniture.
                           Give some time, love & care to your leather furniture & it’ll give you satisfaction & happiness, elegance to your d├ęcor & applause from your guests.

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