Thursday, June 9, 2011

Advantages of Sugarcane

 By Shabnamahsan

It is believed that sugarcane, the mother of all man made sweets, first discovered in India as its first written reference is found in the Vedas. Sugarcane juice is most popular juice in India, Brazil & South East Asia.
  According to Ayurveda , it is the mine of all virtues. It is said that just like a loving father protects his child, sugarcane protects human body from onslaughts of all types of afflictions. Sugarcane has almost all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth & maintenance of human body             
All the products of sugarcane right from its raw form to vinegar, jaggery, & other forms are beneficial to human body except white sugar that is injurious to human system, especially to the bones.

Strong Teeth

Cut sugarcane stalks with your teeth & suck its juice. It’ll give your teeth proper exercise & make them strong & white.

Energy Drink

Because of the Complex form of carbohydrates in sugarcane, it is digested & absorbed gradually & provided energy for longer period without harming the internal organs.

Memory loss

According to Ayurveda, eating jiggery is the most effective treatment of amnesia or memory loss. Use sugarcane juice frequently if you want to improve your memory’s retention power.


There are very few edibles which not only give strength to the body but at the same time light on liver. Doctors recommend consuming as much sugarcane juice as possible as it helps in speedy recover from jaundice. It gives strength to liver which becomes weak during jaundice.

Weak Hair

If you have splitting & weakened hair, include jiggery in your diet. It is rich in Iodine which is essential for healthy hair.

If you are coming from a long train journey wherein you must have inhaled foul air, have a bit of jaggery with water. It’ll clean your bronchial chord instantly.
         For those who are exposed to higher level of pollution or working in dusty & smoky atmosphere like industrial workers, sugarcane helps counter pollution problems & breath easily. It effectively cleans the respiratory tracts, lungs, food pipe, stomach and intestines pulling out dust and unwanted particles from the body.

Healthy Eyes

Jaggery is rich in vitamin A which is vital for healthy eyes. Its regular use helps in keeping your eyes healthy & shinning.


Take a piece of jiggery after meals. Make it a habit & you’ll never have constipation.

Heat Stroke

Make a mixture of water & jiggery, add juice of one lemon & drink it. It’ll provide nourishing coolness to the body. If you’ve to go out in scorching sun, have this drink before going out. The heat would have no effect on body.


Sugarcane juice quickly rehydrates your body after physical activities or exposure to prolong heat.

Respiratory disorders

Sugarcane is a useful remedy for colds, coughs, sore throat & flu. Have fresh sugarcane juice with lemon & ginger juice added to it liberally at least three day in the afternoon. Your body would develop enough resistance to fight the cold.


Since sugarcane is rich in iron, it prevents & cure anemia by improving the hemoglobin level of blood.

 Urinary Disorders

Sugarcane is very valuable in urinary disorders like cystitis and nephritis. It is highly beneficial in treatment of burning micturation due to high acidity.



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