Sunday, May 29, 2011

Candle Holders: Beautiful and Elegant

Candles have been used for lightening since time immemorial. In ancient time candle holders were used for easy carrying & safety purposes. With the change of time candle holder’s role changed from just a holder to a stylish accessory & beautiful decoration piece
         Candle holders are available in a variety of colors, shapes & materials to match any style of decor.
Glass Candle Holders
  Glass candle holders are most common & very beautiful, whether made by traditional glass or crystal. They are available in a variety of colors.

            No romantic dinner is complete without a sparkling glass candle holder. It adds immense amount of grace and grandeur to the romantic moments. Here are some of the beautiful glass candle holders.

Silver Candle Stands

Silver Candle Stands add class and a lustrous feel to any decor. They create a beautiful glow wherever they are placed.

Marble Candle Holders

 Marble Candle holders have a distinct beauty of its own as during the formation of marble, unique color, characteristic & pattern emerges at its surface giving each piece a one of a kind personality. For centuries marble have been valued for its timeless beauty, durability & strength.
            Beautifully hand painted marble candle stand is also available to be used as a stylish accessory for your home
 Brass Candle Holder

Brass candle holder gives your home an antique look. It can lend a medieval air to a room depending on the style. .Its shinny surface creates distinctive lighting effects.
Wrought Iron Candle Holder
Wrought iron candle holder brings home the romantic charms of the old world.

               Wrought iron wall scones are becoming very popular as it provide the rustic & classic ambiance to home decor. 

                  These beautiful candle stands indeed offers a unique look to your home.


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