Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Uncommon Uses of Common Things....Toothpaste Part 2

I hope you have enjoyed reading the previous part of this toothpaste post.If you have tried them then do share with us. Is that really worked for you or not?I love to hear you. Today I am writing the end part of this post and hope you'll like this one too.

Removes Scuff Marks

To remove scuff mark from sneakers, wipe clean any dirt with a damp cloth. Apply toothpaste & scrub with a toothbrush & rinse or clean with damp cloth. Black & dirty marks will be removed & your shoes will look nice again.

Hang Posters on the Wall

If you want to hang your favorite poster without damaging your wall, put small amount of toothpaste on each corner & between the edges of the poster. It’ll be easy to hang & remove whenever you want.

Nail Holes Filler

If you have ugly nail holes in your walls don’t worry. Your toothpaste will fill it in jiffy & you can paint over it when it dries.

                       These are my suggestions.Do you have any other use of this wonderful product? Please share in the comments

I'll post some other common things with uncommon uses.Keep visiting.



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