Saturday, January 15, 2011

Uncommon Uses of Common Things....Toothpaste Part 1

We use toothpaste, oils, different vegetables and more things every day. . These are usual things which are generally found in each household but most of us don't know their unusual use. To help you out I am starting a new series which would help you to use usual items into unusual way. I am sure you all will be surprised.

           So the first item in my list is Toothpaste (We use it daily to clean our teeth). I will post it into 2 parts so you can learn and try these tricks properly.

         Toothpaste is a very common household item. We can get toothpaste in many colors and flavors. It meant for cleaning teeth and fighting cavity but its chemical composition makes it an amazing multifunctional product.

Important : For these tips & tricks use non gel non fancy white tooth paste.

Clean Crayon Marks from Walls

         Your tiny tot artists make your wall or painted furniture their canvas for artwork. Don’t worry. Just rub a little toothpaste with damp cloth and fine abrasive of toothpaste will remove the mark. Rinse with water. Though it’s safe to use on walls and furniture, it’s advisable to test a small area. Check after 24 hours and if it’s fine than remove marks from larger area.

Clean Piano Keys

       Do you have well used piano with yellow and darker key tops? Scrub with some toothpaste and soft cloth, than wipe with damp cloth. Buff dry with soft cloth for brighter key tops.

Clean Your Clothe Iron Plate

           Toothpaste can clean the bottom plate of your clothe Iron which tend to get scorched, or marked with melted fabric burned while ironing. Rub toothpaste on the cool iron, leave for a few minutes than scrub with a cloth. Rinse it. Now heat the iron and rub it over an old cloth.

Clean Silverware

You can clean and polish any kind of silver with toothpaste. Dab some on your silverware and rub with clean soft cloth to bring back the sparkle.

Deodorize Plastic ware

You can deodorize plastic bottles and container which kept closed for long or used for strong smelling food. Brush it with toothpaste, leave for some minutes and rinse away the smell with water.

Goggle’s Defogger

If you have toothpaste in your home than no need to buy costly goggles defogger. Rub a dab in each lenses and rinse. It’ll be crystal clear. But don’t rub vigorously as it can scratch the lenses.

Mirror Defogger

Fogged bathroom mirror is very irritating if you’ve to use it just after shower for saving or applying lotions. Next time before you step in shower, apply toothpaste on mirror and wipe it. You’ll get a clear shinning mirror after you finish your bath.

Shinny Chrome

If you have toothpaste in your bathroom, than no need of costly cleaner.rub some toothpaste on your chrome fittings and rinse. Buff with a dry soft cloth and watch your chrome shine. 

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