Thursday, December 9, 2010

Make Christmas Memorable With Handmade Gifts

 This is a guest post written by Abhi Bharti who occasionally writes on Technology and Social Media events. He created KnowURL tool that allows users to Expand Shortened links and occasional blogger who roams around technology and social media developments.

Christmas or Xmas is one of the festivals which always remind me about my childhood. Santa Claus was the major attraction of this festival (that red color clothes and big white beard still fascinates me). Why? Well it’s an easy guess and that is Gifts, Toys, Toffees and chocolates.
                Now childhood days are over & now besides getting gifts I’ve to give them too. Choosing right gifts is a very difficult task for everyone including me. But if you really want to share not only gifts but your emotions like me then I suggest you to make these presents yourself. Your friends & family will feel special & appreciate the time & effort you put in making & will treasure them.

To make handmade presents we don’t require any extra special skills. We just need to use already existing items & imagination. So to ease your job I selected this video to give your more ideas. Hope you’ll like it. Happy Christmas.


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