Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 Points To Be Considered While Choosing Hair Accessories

 By Shabnamahsan

Hair accessories add great style to you and your overall appearance. They come in different shapes and styles and you should consider some point in choosing them

1...Safely Comes First

First of all. your safety is of utmost importance. Always choose a hair accessory that fits comfortably in your hair without pulling it too hard.

 Before choosing any hair accessory make sure that they don't have sharp edges. A sharp pointed hair pin can scratch your skin.

2...Choose According To Occasion

      Choose your hair accessory according to the occasion. Bridal hair comb makes the bride more beautiful for the event. Tiara and feathers can be worn to compliment your western dresses like evening gown. Hair band go well with casual and jeans and looks businesslike.

        3...Select With The Nature's Mood

          Choose your accessory according to the weather. In summer use hair accessories like ribbons, butterfly clips and hairband  to keep the hair off the forehead and nape of your neck.In winter use those accessories that cover your ears also

            4...Match Colour With Your Outfit

              Make sure that the colour of your hair accessory matches with your outfit.

              5...Consider your hair length in choosing hair accessory.

                Tiny hair stickers sometimes bejewelled,sit well on short hair.Curly hair can be decorated besides being held in place,with diamante claws.You are fortunate if you have long hair as you can use any style of hair accessory to lend glamour to your hairstyle.

                           These are the points I consider while choosing my hair accessories.Now tell me if you have any other suggestions with your experience  


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