Friday, June 18, 2010

How To Make Small Room Look Larger - Part 1

Living in small house is a challenging task. We feel the need to stretch out our small space & make our room look larger. It is possible to fool the eye & make rooms look larger by some decorating tricks.

Cut The Clutter

Take a critical look at your room & see if there is anything that is not necessary. Remove the unnecessary items. A cluttered room looks small than it really is. Get your room clutter free .Arrange things neatly & hide or keep out of sight items which are not in everyday use.

We want to display our collectables but it’s wise to divide it in small groups & display one group at a time. It’ll give the room a neat & fresh look.

Enhance Floor Space

Increase floor space by keeping as many items out of floor as possible & make full use of space saving closet organizing & storage compartments like shelves & racks.

We can create more floor space by using wall space but remember that too much items on wall will make the room appear cluttered & small. Use table skirts & hide knick knacks under them.

Instead of using a lot of floor by keeping several pairs of shoes, use shoe rack to keep them in a small place.  

You can easily hide your shoes under the bed with this shoe rack to make your flour clean 

Designate and clear the pathway. The room will appear larger if you can see the floor.
The floor should also be done in light colour to give the illusion of more open space. You can use light coloured rug or oversized light coloured ceramic tiles.

Wood strips or diagonal ceramic tiles create the longest possible straight line in the room which will make the room appear wider.


Colour plays a very important role for small rooms. Light colours give the illusion of more space whereas dark colours absorb lights & make the room look smaller. To make a room brighter & airy paint the walls with lighter version of your favourite colour as light colours are reflective which maximize the effect created by light.
If your room has low ceiling, painting one foot around the ceiling the same colour as the wall, creating a border, will make the wall appear taller.
If you paint the moulding a lighter shade of wall colour, the walls appear to recede making the room look larger.

Paint furniture of same colour as your wall & choose your furnishing of same colour. The large furniture will blend with the space & give the illusion of a wider room.


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