Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How To Make Focal Point

Focal point is a important aspect of interior decoration. It’ll be easier to enhance the beauty of a location if we concentrate on focal point. But what is Focal Point ? Focal point is what attracts your eyes immediately when you enter an area. It holds you there & gives your eyes a resting point. Its a distinguishing feature of the area whether its a room or garden .
Focal point can be already there or you have to create it. First of all take a close look & see if there is anything which can be used as focal point. It can be a window with lovely view, a fireplace or an architectural feature like fabulous archway. If we don’t have any, no problem, we can create it.
Focal point should be situated at a place that is viewed as first thing after entering the room.
Its not necessary that focal point should be huge or big .Even a vase of artistically arranged flower can be more attractive than a huge furniture.

Contrasting colour makes a focal point stand out. You can paint one wall of the room in contrast colour & decorate it with lovely artwork or wall accessories.

Highlight your focal point using lights in creative ways.Use picture light or Accent lights to enhance the focal point.

Make your focal point more attractive with accessories.If fire place is your focal point, place decorative pieces on the mantel & hang artwork above it.

A beautiful wall hanging above the bed is a good way of creating a focal point in bed room. Hang it high enough to avoid knocking your head on it.

To create a focal point in a small space, try to make one wall colourful & visually appealing.

A cabinet with collection of interesting & beautiful things can be a wonderful focal point.

Attractive wallpaper can create an instant focal point in a dull room.

You can create a focal point by hanging framed photographs in groups.First arrange the framed photographs in an attractive pattern than hang it.

A window with beautiful view & pretty drapers can be your room’s main attraction.

An easy & attractive way of creating focal point is using stickers on wall.They come in many attractive designs.
Orient the furniture around the focal point.
      There should be one dominant Focal point as too many of it will create visual clutter.
             Use your imagination & creativity to create & highlight your focal point. Happy decorating.


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