Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Khussa For Girls

By Shabnam Ahsan
I am dedicating this post to Ingrid who liked my post Khussay for Men  & wanted to wear it so here is some beautiful khussay for you Ingrid.
Khussa is hand stitched traditional leather footwear of Pakistan India & China, famous for their sophisticated embroidery with beads, sequins, thread, dabka, tilla & beautiful & colorful threads. It’s very popular as wedding & party wear.
Khussa is made with so colorful & beautiful embroidery that quality of the khussa can be easily overlooked.. Pakistan is world renown for quality hand stitching & provides the best quality khussa .India comes next .khussa made in China is generally cheap & of low quality. Low quality khussa quickly deforms & can be harmful for sensitive skin. While purchasing khussa choose the one with thick leather. The upper & sole should be the made with same color leather. Good quality khussa leather should be stiff as it breaks in to conform to your foot.
Trendy, beautiful, and exclusively designed Khussa is real joy to wear


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