Tuesday, April 23, 2013

7 Tips For Perfect Candle Burning

By shabnam Ahsan

Burning candles is fun. We can light a candle at any time, any place or any occasion. Be it a candle light dinner, a relaxing evening or even in bathroom we can light candles in different colors & shapes & in beautiful holders.

Here is some tips to prolong the fun experience of lightening candles

1…It’s a good idea to keep candles in fridge as cold candles burns slowly or you can put it in fridge an hour prior to light it but to prevent wicks from absorbing moisture wrap them in foil or cling-film first.

2…To avoid the bending or fading the color of the candles never expose them to sunlight or internal spotlight

3… Wrap cooking foil or tissue paper around the bottom of the candle to make the base thicker if it’s too slim to fit perfectly in the holder. The melted wax will soak the tissue & prevent it from burning.

4…To ensure that the pillar candle burns evenly each time you light it allow it to burn long enough each time to create a pool of wax that almost covers the diameter of the candle otherwise it will make a tunnel through the candle or melt through one side.

5…To extinguish candle push its wick in the liquid wax. The wax will cover the wick making it easier to light again.
6…Avoid standing a lit candle in draught as it will create uneven burning with larger flame.

7…Try to buy votive candles in metal cases as it’ll be easier to remove them from holder after use.

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