Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10 Steps To Beauty Bath

By Shabnamahsan

Bathing is a daily routine in our life, a must for most of us to begin the busy schedule of our life. In the frenzy of our too busy time schedule we almost forgot to enjoy this very relaxing practice.
          Try to indulge in a leisurely bath once a week to wash away not only your grime from your body but also your tensions.
1…Give yourself one hour of total privacy & ask your family members to answer the door bells or ringing phones. If you are alone switch off the phone.
2… If your skin is dry than massage it with baby oil or lotion before taking bath.
3…Shampoo your hair first in wash basin than wrap a towel around it.
4…Put a fistful of bathing salts in bathtub to soften your skin.
5…Add a few drops of essential oil or eau-de- Cologne or if you like even a handful of rose petals in your bath water to smell fresh and fragrant.
6…Lather yourself with your favorite soup or bathing gel of your skin type.
7…Relax in your fragrant bathtub, switch on your favorite music or have a book or magazine for a cozy read.
8….Step out of your bathtub, pat dry slowly and apply body lotion or moisturizing lotion.
9…Your skin is now soft and pliable so it’s best time to do your weekly manicure and pedicure
10…After your relaxing bath sneak in your bed, take a glass for your favorite drink or plateful of salad or any healthy snack and take a rest while watching TV or reading anything interesting
                 This once a week beauty bath will make you a relaxed and gleaming beauty.


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