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Achieve Fitness By Choice, Not By Force

Achieve Fitness by Choice, Not by Force

By Meetu Nadir

Although, a majority of people understand the need to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, only a few follow the routine in their everyday lives. This is especially true in case of women, who consider exercise to be a tiring and boring activity and hence they shy away from a regular workout. But, what most woman are not aware of, is the fact that exercise does not necessarily require them to spend hours on a treadmill, or do push ups or any other such things that might freak them out.

In fact, fitness can be achieved by combining work with play. It is important to remember that exercising basically involves making you body move. So, for women who don't want to spend time at a gym, exercising can be as simple as going for a walk, playing their favorite sports and games or anything else that requires body movement. Making any sports activity a part of their daily routine, not only ensures that the women remain fit but also makes them have some amount of fun. And the icing on the cake is that even friends and families can also become involved in these sports activities. Now, what can be more enjoyable if one gets to spend time with family and friends, in addition to remaining fit?

Another way for ladies to keep themselves fit, is to work with children. The task of keeping up with children is a great way to mix exercise with parenthood. Small babies often keep their parents on toes as the parents move them and their paraphernalia all day. Even minor activities like carrying an infant, walking him or her when colic strikes, pushing a carriage and then a stroller, and even dealing with endless rounds of laundry, keeps parents and especially moms, in motion.

However, when children grow up and become more self-reliant, parents take that as a cue to sit down and rest. But soon the physical inactivity starts taking its toll and the women, whose day was spent, running around their children, suddenly become fatigued by just waking in the garden. This is perhaps the first indication that they are loosing their fitness and need to look into the matter seriously.

But what happens when children grow up and like to spend more time with their friends. Don't worry as there are still plenty of other methods that women can adopt to remain fit, including trying their hands at gardening, or maybe mowing the lawn, or perhaps organizing a regular walk around the block with friends. The choices are endless and one only needs to have the zest to choose an option that appeals most to their personality and then make it a part of their daily routine.

So, it can be easily said that to keep fit one does not necessarily have to go t a gym against one's wish. This will anyways not work as a person can be forced to do something only for a certain period. But to maintain a routine of fitness for a lifetime, people need to choose a means that appeal to their nature, which will ensure that they carry it out through their entire lives

Meetu Nadir
Freelance Writer

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