Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Keep Backaches Away With These Tips

The muscles of the back support it much like a tent pole that is supported by ropes. Any slackening in the ropes and the pole tilts. Our lifestyle also plays a detrimental role resulting in many young people suffering from low back pain. Prolonged periods of working with the computers at the workplace, incorrect postures, lack of physical exercises, long hours spent in driving - all these factors contribute to backaches. Here are a few ways to keep backaches away.

  • Always keep your back strong. Regular exercises for muscles of abdomen and back are important. Swimming is an excellent way to keep fit. Gym exercises and sutiable yogasanas under supervision are also effective.
  • Posture is important. Do not maintain stressful postures for long, like sitting with a stoop or standing for long in a twisted position. Let slouching while sitting and stooping while standing not become a habit with you. Habitual bad posture can weaken the supporting muscles. Remember straight erect postures are the best.
  • The type of shoes you wear can also affect your posture. High heels may put more stress on your lower back by changing your posture. You might find it more comfortable to wear low or flat heels.
  • Never twist around to pick up anything. Stand up and turn and then pick it up. Your back does not have any springs. Hence avoid sudden and abrupt movements of the body.
  • While bending down to lift an object, bend with your knees instead of your back. Hold the object close to you. Straighten your legs to lift the object.
  • Lifting very heavy weights are likely to injure the back and it must never be carried out while bending over the weight. Seek help from others to lift heavier objects.
  • Your bed should be firm and hard bed with a board underneath and 2-3 inch mattress over it. It should support the spine while you sleep. Beds which sag in the middle or the softer ones can cause back pain quickly. If you take a pillow, then take a thin one.
  • How long you sit, where you sit and how you sit make a substantial difference in your risk for backache. Avoid chairs that abuse the back. Use chairs which do not slant much and which have a firm back support. Use footstools also.
  • Take short breaks if your work requires long hours of sitting. Stand up and stretch.
  • In tense situations, spare a thought for your back, check your posture. A hunched posture and tense muscles at the nape of your neck is sure to finally lead to aches and pains. So relax, take a break.
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