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Be A Team Player

By Bill Mansell 
If you work in a group of two or more people, chances are you are considered by the management as a "team." The question is: do you consider yourself a team member? Are you really acting as a team? Or, do you, at times, think of the other people in your company as competition? After all, if one of them gets the contract, you might not. It's easy to see how some people adopt a defeating attitude and begin to sabotage their teammate's work, and, as a result, sabotage their own success as well. 
Remember the oft-told example of two horses pulling a load. Two horses, pulling in unison, can pull more than three times the amount that each horse can pull separately. It's called the synergistic effect, and you can make it work for you and your company. 
Vince Lobardi once said, "Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." Look for ways that you can contribute to the group efforts of your entire staff. Look for way that you can work together. Look for ways to help others in your company--above and beyond what you are expected to do. Don't be afraid to share ideas and techniques that work. Pretty soon, the effectiveness of the entire group will grow, boosting your personal success and profits along with those of your team and your company.
Be a team player! If you want to improve your own chances for success, look for ways to help fellow workers and bolster your entire team.

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How To Keep Your Metabolism From Shutting Down

By Nancy

Cutting too many calories puts your body in a state of alarm, in which it pushes to conserve calories rather than burn them. You start feeling cold and tired, and the lack of energy forces your body to break down muscle tissue to fuel its vital operations. This is bad in more than just one sense, since the amount of muscle tissue is directly related to metabolism, the rate at which you burn calories.

You do need to slash calories to lose weight, but you should not go too far. As a general rule, do not cut more than 500 calories, because then you start experiencing two effects that are not helpful in dieting at all. First, your body decreases the fire in the oven from steaming hot to a mild simmer. And second, it starts breaking down muscle tissue, which in return reduces the burn rate even further.

There are two ways of dealing with this problem. The first and simple one is to make sure that the calories you cut do not come from protein. Digestion of protein triggers new fires in your stomach, and those calories will not leave a lasting impression on the weight scale. The slightly tougher way to step up the metabolism is to step up your exercise. Exercise increases your energy output, calling on stored calories for extra fuel. Recent studies show that not only does exercise increase metabolism during a workout, but it also causes your metabolism to stay increased for a period of time after exercising, allowing you to burn more calories.

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Beauty on A Budget

Is your budget on overload?

Do you have more beauty wishes than beauty dollars? Don't worry. Your bathroom just may already have that beauty item that you're wanting. Here's how to get that sophisticated look on a slim budget.
Makeup does double duty:
One of the best ways to get a new makeup item is to go through the stuff you already have. Just what are you looking for? Items that can live double lives...
  • Need a new foundation? Look at your loose powders instead. Just apply in sheer layers with a damp sponge, or a sponge lightly layered in your favorite facial moisturizer. Lightly layer on and blend for a custom made foundation.
  • Used to spritzing you makeup with a final spray of Evian water? Make your own. Find a mini plant mister bottle, or travel size spray water and fill with water. Chill in the refrigerator overnight for a cooling effect.
  • Need a new bronzer? Use that foundation that's 2-3 shades darker than you are instead. Just touch apply where you would use your bronzer. In a pinch? Dig out that warm brown eye shadow.
  • Dying to get that latest eyeshadow base? Use your concealer and loose powder. Because that's exactly what eyeshadow base is.. use your foundation to evenly apply over your eyelids and set with a touch of loose powder pressed on with a makeup sponge. Then apply your colored eye shadow.
  • Need to buy a new lipstick pencil to match that new lipstick? Don't. Just look for a beige or nude eyebrow pencil.
  • Need to match your favorite blush with a new lipstick? You already have it in your blush. Just apply your blush on your lips with a eyeshadow sponge applicator, and then use your favorite clear lip gloss or lip balm over it.
  • Don't spend $$$ on that expensive eye makeup remover. Just find a pretty glass bottle and fill with virgin olive oil, or in a pinch, baby shampoo. There's a reason they say 'no tears'.
  • Makeup kits can range in the hundreds of dollars, so instead, simplify. Looking to store your lipsticks? Try the drugstore to find pill boxes. Available in 7 or as much as 30 slots, just fill with your favorite lipsticks by cracking in your lip colors with a popsicle stick.
Is your favorite makeup item just not working anymore? Don't go out and buy a new one. Just customize the one you already have like the pros do.

Foundation: Too thick? Thin with a few drops of mineral water or toner. Too oily? De-grease with a few drops of witch hazel. Too dark? Lighten up with a few scrapes of light pressed powder. Too dull? Lighten with a few scrapes of a pearly peach or pink blush. Need a glow? Scrape in a pearly powder highlighter, or a few drops of liquid highlighter. Want to turn your favorite foundation into a tinted foundation? In a separate plastic bottle, mix your foundation 1/2 and 1/2 with bronzer, or self-tanner. Or, mix a darker shade 1/2 and 1/2 with your sunscreen. Shake, and instant tinted foundation.
Concealer: Too thick or dry? Revitalize with a drop of foundation or eye cream. Mix into the container, or apply first one, then the other.
Blush: Too dark? Tap your blush brush into your pressed powder or baby powder first, then your color. Apply for shades lighter blush. Too light? Tap into your bronzer shade first. Too muddy? Use instead as eye shadow.
Eye Shadow: Cream shadow dry out? Put a few drops of water or olive or mineral oil.
Lipstick: Need a lip stain? Rescue that old wine colored blush from years gone by and apply with a Q-top on dry lips. Apply your favorite Chapstick on top. Need a whole new color? Have 2 lipsticks down to the end of the tubes? Don't worry. Just dig out the remaining 1/2" of lipstick in the bottom of the tubes and mix into a metal or plastic container. A brand new shade. Hint: Mix two shades together in the same color family for a painless mix

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Keep Backaches Away With These Tips

The muscles of the back support it much like a tent pole that is supported by ropes. Any slackening in the ropes and the pole tilts. Our lifestyle also plays a detrimental role resulting in many young people suffering from low back pain. Prolonged periods of working with the computers at the workplace, incorrect postures, lack of physical exercises, long hours spent in driving - all these factors contribute to backaches. Here are a few ways to keep backaches away.

  • Always keep your back strong. Regular exercises for muscles of abdomen and back are important. Swimming is an excellent way to keep fit. Gym exercises and sutiable yogasanas under supervision are also effective.
  • Posture is important. Do not maintain stressful postures for long, like sitting with a stoop or standing for long in a twisted position. Let slouching while sitting and stooping while standing not become a habit with you. Habitual bad posture can weaken the supporting muscles. Remember straight erect postures are the best.
  • The type of shoes you wear can also affect your posture. High heels may put more stress on your lower back by changing your posture. You might find it more comfortable to wear low or flat heels.
  • Never twist around to pick up anything. Stand up and turn and then pick it up. Your back does not have any springs. Hence avoid sudden and abrupt movements of the body.
  • While bending down to lift an object, bend with your knees instead of your back. Hold the object close to you. Straighten your legs to lift the object.
  • Lifting very heavy weights are likely to injure the back and it must never be carried out while bending over the weight. Seek help from others to lift heavier objects.
  • Your bed should be firm and hard bed with a board underneath and 2-3 inch mattress over it. It should support the spine while you sleep. Beds which sag in the middle or the softer ones can cause back pain quickly. If you take a pillow, then take a thin one.
  • How long you sit, where you sit and how you sit make a substantial difference in your risk for backache. Avoid chairs that abuse the back. Use chairs which do not slant much and which have a firm back support. Use footstools also.
  • Take short breaks if your work requires long hours of sitting. Stand up and stretch.
  • In tense situations, spare a thought for your back, check your posture. A hunched posture and tense muscles at the nape of your neck is sure to finally lead to aches and pains. So relax, take a break.
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How to Keep Your Head in Times of Crisis

By Bill Mansell

Am I just crazy, or does it seem like we have more things to worry about today than ever before? All around us are reports that we are mired in a mortgage crisis, there is talk of bailout and recession, hurricanes and other natural disasters pound our communities, and gas prices are out of control. Presidential candidates, anxious to show themselves as the answer to everything, paint a dismal picture of our world, and then blame all the problems on their opponents. The stock market is experiencing turmoil so unprecedented that the Wall Street Journal called “the past 10 days the most dramatic in Wall Street’s 216-year history.” No wonder people are losing their heads.

Fortunately, things are not really as bad as they may appear. I don’t mean to minimize these situations that affect real people. But, with all of this focus on negative circumstances and events, it is easy to lose sight of all the good things that are going on in the world and in each of our own lives. Few of us can do anything to change the economy or the weather. So, why do we spend so much time and energy fretting about them? Whether you are worried about global challenges, or dealing with personal and family challenges that come to all of us, here are 5 steps to help you remain calm in times of crisis.

Stop, look and listen.
This is how I was taught to cross the street as a 5 year old. But it’s remarkably good advice for us as adults. When things get crazy, we need to stop, take a break, and step away from the situation long enough to be able to think about it from a clear perspective. Too often we react without thinking, we become upset without getting all of the facts, we panic when there is no need to panic. When tempted to act rashly, stop. 
Get your information from reliable sources. 
Without a doubt there is more information available today than ever in our history. Much of it is accurate and informative. But, with the easy access of internet sites, blogs, and online news groups, it is more and more common for information to be slanted, sensationalized, or outright false. Recently, the publisher of an investment newsletter picked up a story on the internet, which he republished in his newsletter. The article stated that United Airlines had filed for bankruptcy. Since the only date on the article was in the URL, he didn’t realize that the article was actually 6 years old! News of the bankruptcy flew across the internet causing United’s stock to drop from $12 a share to around $3 before someone actually checked with United and the truth was brought to light. Why get in a tizzy until we have checked and rechecked the information, from a variety of sources, then taken time to consider a response? 
Be Prepared. 
I happen to live right on top of a major earthquake fault line. This Friday at 6:00 pm, our community has planned a mock earthquake. 6 cannon blasts will signal the “disaster” and each community member will put their emergency plan into effect, as if a real earthquake had occurred. The drill will be calm, orderly and organized as everyone goes through the motions they have learned in training. Our hope is that because of this drill, in the event of a real emergency, despite the inevitable chaos, people will know what to do to get organized and to take care of their family and neighbors. Similarly, you need to anticipate difficult situations that might come up and try to prepare for them in advance. I’m not recommending that you focus on the negative. Good advice is to plan for the best, but prepare for the worst. If you have thought things through and prepared in advance, you will have earned the right to be calm when everyone else is in a panic. 
Think Proactively. 
No situation is ever as bad as it seems at first. A little creative thinking can often produce amazing solutions. How many times has what seemed to be a devastating challenge ended up becoming the catalyst for positive change? Challenges breed personal growth and innovative ideas. So, rather than worrying, get out a pencil and paper and start brainstorming. Use your logical mind to study it out and come up with a solution – then take proactive action. 

Look for the Positive. 
For every item of bad news, there is also good news to be found if we will just look for it. The truth is that we normally find what we are looking for. Make it a habit to concentrate on the good things that are happening around you.
Follow these ideas and you will be more calm in any crisis so that you can keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs.

About Auther

Bill Mansell is president of MindPerk, Inc., the web's largest resource for self improvement and business training. We all need a boost, some timely training or just an encouraging word once in a while. These original self-improvement and business training articles are packed with useful information, stories, tips, and timeless lessons. A popular speaker, Bill helps companies and organizations inspire and motivate their team members to consistently achieve more. His contagious enthusiasm has helped people from all walks of life to reach and exceed their goals.

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The Habits Of Successful Weight Loss

Wendy Hearn

Tired of battling with your weight? Well, the latest quick-fix diet will probably leave you feeling frustrated. To make permanent, successful progress, you'll need to make changes in your lifestyle. Here's how you can get started!

Making changes for life

The route to permanent weight loss is to make changes. I've found that when most people want to lose weight, they decide to go on a restrictive diet. This type of dieting calls for many changes at once and although most people are able to stick with this for a short while, they usually find they can't sustain it.
Unfortunately, the feeling of failure creeps in and leaves us feeling worse than when we started to lose weight. I've found that many people who follow restrictive diets lose some self-esteem each time they feel they've failed. They have not failed, it's the system of restrictive dieting which has failed.
Permanent weight loss requires changes and these changes need to stay with you for the rest of your life. So what's the point of even starting to follow a diet plan which you know will be difficult to sustain forever? I encourage you to make changes which will be easy to maintain. Start with small steps and build on them.
Successful weight loss comes from actions you take on a daily basis. Developing healthy habits is the way to lose weight. It will be slower and it will take time, but the results will last. Surely this is what we all want?

Shaping personal habits
Your weight loss will be achieved through your personal habits. These habits can be changed and supplemented. I encourage you this week to add one daily habit which will move you towards your goal of health and weight loss. This habit needs to become an integral part of your life, which eventually happens naturally. You won't need to think about it or make yourself do it. You'll just do it
Let's take a look at a habit we all do, probably without conscious thought or questioning it - brushing your teeth. Do you consider each morning whether you want to brush your teeth or not? Do you ask yourself whether you enjoy doing it? Is it exciting or unusual? Probably not! From an early age you developed the habit of cleaning your teeth and you've carried on ever since. It's this type of habit that you need to adopt when eating healthily and exercising. No excuses, just get on and do it.

Change one habit at a time
Instead of tackling each different habit you have regarding eating and exercising, choose one to concentrate on. Keep doing it every day until it's such a habit that it comes naturally. Then you can add or change another habit. When you've incorporated a habit into your life so that it becomes totally natural, you'll find it's easier to continue with it for the rest of your life. You'll never need to start a restrictive diet again. How would that feel? Which single habit are you going to add to your day? Perhaps, you could...

  • Choose a piece of fruit instead of biscuits with your cup of tea;
  • Take a walk;
  • Adopt a new exercise class or routine;
  • Eat breakfast;
  • Stop eating when you're full, even if there's still food on your plate.
Choose for yourself the one habit that you feel will be of benefit in your life, and commit to doing it every day for the next 40 days. This will give you a good chance of developing the habit and maintaining it. You can make such changes to your habits and I encourage you to get started. Your successful weight loss will come about because of what you do each day. 

Wendy Hearn is the author of "The Top 10 Things That Stop YOU From Losing Weight"


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