Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Right Hair Style To Suit Your Face

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right hair style to suit your face, because the right hair style makes u look RIGHT!!!! 
You can carry off most styles. Wild curls and big, tousled hair will set off the shape of your face, as will layered styles that add volume. Avoid flat-to-the-head styles or cuts without width at the sides -they will accentuate narrowness. 
A long, narrow face needs a style that gives it fullness at the sides. Ask your hair stylist to cut soft, feathery layers around your cheekbones. This style will make your face seem wider. 
Lucky you! You can have your pick of literally any style  long or short, layered or blunt, straight or curly. Change your style with every fashion whim if you want to! If your face is wider at the forehead and narrower at the chin, you should select a style that de-emphasizes your forehead. For instance, softly angled layers that can be brushed aside. Cutting hair to chin length and layering it throughout also gives it more body. 
If you have a face that's too full, go in for a style that gives it height. Part your hair on one side and then draw it back from the sides. If your hair is long, tie it high on the head. Short hair should be closely cropped at the sides, with more volume on the crown. A layered cut or soft, feathered style will tend to suit you. Try to avoid any width in the hair around the sides of your face  this will accentuate the roundness. 
Longer length, grown-out gamine crops look great on square faces, as do layered bobs with wisps around the face to soften the angles. Long layers add body which flatters your face. Avoid really close crops or severe, slicked-back styles. A hair style with a high side parting and hair that covers one side of your forehead is ideal for you. The cut should focus attention just above or below your cheekbones. Try to keep your hair away from the chin, so that it doesn't look wider than it is. 


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