Friday, January 30, 2009

How to Become the Best

People who become the best at anything aren't born with a blueprint for success. They struggle to get where they are, and they work hard to become the best at what they do. They all begin their journeys by emulating the attitudes and habits of other successful people. Here are a few of the main characteristics the best and the brightest share.

Optimism: People who reach the top always believe things can get better, or that there's a better way to do something. They don't believe any action is futile. Not only does optimism help them continue on their ambitious course, it attracts other people's interest and respect.

: The top achievers have a vision of their desired future. They know what the end results should look like when their goal has been reached, and they won't rest until that vision is a reality. Becoming the best means avoiding the pitfalls of the here and now to create a better future.

Leadership: To become the best, you must expect to lead, and rise to every opportunity to do so. Successful men and women know they're not average followers. They always equip themselves with the skills they need to command, and when the time comes, they lead others to achieve success.

Legacy: While they enjoy the rewards of achievement, successful leaders don't merely strive for themselves. They strive for goals that benefit others: family, friends, charities, and communities. They choose to leave a legacy that will make the world a better place.

Helpfulness: The best help other people reach their goals and dreams. True leaders understand that all people are connected: the good they put out into the world will someday benefit them, directly or indirectly. They know that success does not come to someone who stands alone.

No Excuses: No one is perfect, and even the most successful will fail along the way. But when they do fail, outstanding individuals take responsibility for their actions and move on from defeat. Only repeated actions determine character. Becoming the best means only expecting results.

Making Failure an Ally: The best never see failure as an enemy: it is an ally. They consider such losses a learning experience, and recognize that every failure brings them closer to success.

Most people live by default, settling for a mediocre life in which they see themselves as victims of circumstance. The best live actively—they envision a better life and take the necessary action to achieve their dreams. And so can you!

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