Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keep The Skin Under Your Eyes Looking Young

Oleda Baker
The Skin Under And Around Our Eyes Is Very Delicate, Which Makes It More Sensitive To Aging Prematurely. Lines, Wrinkles, Puffiness, Dark Circle... So What's A Lady (or Man) To Do? Here's How To Treat and Protect This Age Sensitive Skin. We wake up one morning and all of a sudden we see a tiny line or two around our eyes. Our reaction is, "It just popped up overnight." Wrong! When you see your first line you should know it started developing long ago. This is often true of dark circles under the eyes and puffiness, too…it starts gradually and all of a sudden we notice them. Could proper "around the eye skin treatment" have prevented these things from happening? It can certainly postpone the problems for many years and soften the seriousness of it when it does happen. Of course, as we grow older and older, there will be some lines and puffiness, but they can be greatly softened and not so serious. You can still have beautiful skin at any age, if certain guidelines are followed.

So, What Can You Do NOW For This Age Sensitive Skin? Plenty!

Wear Sunglasses: It's very, very important to wear good sunglasses when out in the sun or glare. I wear them even when it's cloudy. Keep an extra pair around. Sunglasses, in addition to saving your eyes, also protect the delicate skin around your eyes from the sun's rays, which can hasten aging by drying the skin's surface and hardening the collagen under the skin. Sunglasses also do another very important thing…they help lessen squinting. The combination of frequent squinting and direct sunlight on the skin is a fool proof "recipe" for quickly aging this thin skin. When possible, using a good sun block – minimum SPF 15 – will also help. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to protect the skin around your eyes from the sun, not only because the sun hardens and wrinkles the skin, but also it stimulates the production of the pigment, melanin, darkening the skin and exacerbating those dark circles.

Special Gentle Massage: It's important that the tiny capillaries under the eyes be stimulated. This massage is to help reduce lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness: Take a finger and press firmly, but gently, on one spot on the area under the eye. While pressing down firmly, and without lifting the finger, make a small rotating motion several times. You can also just press firmly, lift your finger up, and do it again several times in one spot. Then go to the spot next to it until you have massaged all areas under the eye.

Sleep The Right Way: Puffiness can be caused by an accumulation of fluid in the eye area, possibly from allergies or a sinus problem. Try sleeping with your head a little higher so this fluid cannot accumulate as easily. Try this for 2 weeks and see what the results are. I don't believe in sleeping on high pillows in general, as they are not the best for your body alignment. If you decide you need to stay with the higher pillow make sure your neck is properly supported.

Get Enough Sleep and Rest: Yes, you have heard this before. But it really is true. While you are testing these suggestions try to get 7 or 8 hours rest. Then make up your own mind if this is good for you.

Allergies: People with puffy eyes caused by allergies are constantly rubbing and stretching the collagen, fibers and skin around the eyes. Keep this up and you'll develop loose, maybe baggy, skin around the eyes. See your doctor for the proper eye drops and treatment if necessary.

Use a "Dark Circle Remover"Make-up: To hide dark circles use a product that covers well yet is light in texture. Use one with Mica to reflect light, which causes a "light reflection" in your dark area. Reduce

Stress: Some say that dark circles are encouraged by stress, that it can cause an increase in melanin production under the eyes. If you can't get rid of the stress at the moment, make sure you are taking enough vitamins/minerals/trace minerals with plenty of all the vitamin B family. This can help you deal with the stress better.

Could You Be Anemic? If you are tired a good part of the time check with your doctor to see if you might be anemic. This can cause some discoloration as well as looking tired under the eyes.

Creams For Under Eyes: Lines and wrinkles under the eyes are not always a sign of aging, but could be an indication of wear and tear of the skin, as well as lack of treatment. Since the skin is so thin and delicate under the eyes it needs to be constantly "conditioned and treated" with creams. Because my skin is so dry I use wrinkle smoothing night cream on my entire face making sure I apply it under my eyes at night. I use nutritive day cream or sometimes vitamin C cream in the morning, even when I apply make-up for the day. You should know it's ok to mix and match the creams… it's whatever works for you.

Cigarette Smoking: Smoking cigarettes slows the blood flow in the face and under the eyes. This means the skin is not getting the proper nourishment and blood flow it needs to be at it's best. Also every time you draw on a cigarette you purse your lips …do this over and over for a long period and what do you have…the lines going up and down on the skin around your lips that you hate so much. AND…you did it! I don't mean to make you feel bad but I must tell you the truth…if you're a cigarette smoker, maybe it will help you stop.

Feed Your Skin For Beauty and Health: Nutrition plays a very big part in the total condition of your skin and its youthfulness. (And while I'm thinking of it…not a pleasant subject…make sure your bowel movements are normal and regular. Poor skin can be due to poor nutrition, as well as constipation.)


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