Monday, January 26, 2009

Hair Care

Try detangling dry hair before washing rather than after it's wet.
Wash your hair in the shower. Leave it hanging down. Work the lather down the length (like milking a cow.) Never pile it up on your head while washing.
Concentrate conditioner on the ends.
Do a final rinse in cold water - refreshing in summer, worth the discomfort in winter.
Air dry whenever possible.
Get a special absorbent hair drying towel.
If you have to blow dry, do it for just a little while, air dry it some, and then blow dry a little more. Repeat till hair is dry.
If you have to blow dry, keep the diffuser on so your hair won't get sucked into the dryer.
If you have to blow dry, wrap it in a towel for awhile before you begin.
Never, ever, brush your hair when it is wet.
de-tangle ends first. Then work your way up. Never try to rip through tangles from top to bottom.
Sit near a large electric fan (far enough away so your hair won't get caught in it!) to speed up drying.
Buy trial sizes of new shampoos and conditioners - you may discover a new favorite.
Try rotating your shampoos/conditioners - your hair may respond well to a change in brands.
You may need different products for summer and winter. For example, my hair gets more dry and has more static in winter, so 2-in-1 shampoo conditioners only work well for me in summer.
Every scalp and its head of hair is different - so someone else's best shampoo and conditioners may not be yours.
Here are some styling hints:

Braid wet hair to set waves.
A top knot is another good "style that sets" - you will have lots of volume when you take it down.
Buy a long haired Barbie doll to practice hair braiding, etc.
For an easy and different braid, divide hair in 3 sections as usual, make a braid out of each section and braid the 3 braided sections.
If your hair is straight and you want just a little curl, set it curlier than you want and comb it out before bed - it will relax during the night.
Learn to french braid - practice makes perfect.
Learn to Topsy Tail.
Look for non-alcohol hair sprays - less drying.
Use a leave-in conditioner before any heat styling (which you should avoid if possible.)
Use only wide-toothed combs or picks.
You've heard of tear-free shampoos? Here is advice on tear-free trimming.

Trim your own hair if you don't have a hairdresser you can trust.
If you trim your own hair, put a leave-in conditioner or gel on ends before trimming to keep them in place.
Trim the ends of individual hairs that are split - and just a tiny bit at the bottom.
Frequent tiny trims are less traumatic than infrequent large trims.
If you can't trim your own hair, maybe your boyfriend or husband can do it for you.
If you can't trim your own hair, try asking another long haired lady to do it for you.
Never let someone who dislikes your hair trim it.
Don't get more than a trim unless you are absolutely, totally sure you want it. If you have any doubt at all, then that proves you really want to keep your hair long.
There are a lot of good tools for styling out there.

Don't wear "automatic" barrettes with sharp metal edges. You can paint the sharp parts with clear nail polish to make them dull. (Paint several coats - let each one dry before painting the next.)
Braid scarves or ribbons into your hair for interesting looks.
Chignon foundations are useful - you can make your own by rolling up nylon stockings into a donut shape.
Clean combs, picks and plastic brushes often with some dish shop and a soft toothbrush.
French twist combs work great - try them.
Get some chignon pins and hair sticks for top knots.
Perm for a Day curlers are great if you want a permed look - the package says it all - "Your Hair's Too Pretty to Ruin".
Use coated or snag free elastics only
Use sponge rollers; they are the gentlest.
Don't color - your hair will be healthier.
Don't crash diet - it can cause hair loss.
Don't perm - your hair will be healthier.
Don't smoke - your hair will smell better.
Don't smoke - your hair won't get dull and discolored by the tobacco smoke.
Don't smoke - you will reduce your risk of cancer (Chemo is not good for your hair!)
Don't hang around smokers - see previous three tips.


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