Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eight Time-Saving Cooking Tips

By Rachel Paxton

1. Plan meals at least a week in advance 

2. If you know you're not going to have time to cook one evening, prepare two dinners the night before and just reheat one the next night. 

3. When preparing a meal using grated cheese, chopped onions, etc., prepare more than the recipe calls for and refrigerate the rest for another meal. 

4. Clean your kitchen workspace as you go. When you're done there will be little left to clean. 

5. On grocery shopping day, have your children help individually wrap their cookies, snacks,etc. for their school lunch boxes. Makes this chore for the rest of the week a breeze and snacks don't disappear before lunches 

6. Don't hide your cookbooks away. Organize them where you can get to them easily, and you will use them a lot more. 

7. Keep a notepad on the front of the refrigerator for your shopping list. When you run out of something write it on the list right away. Encourage family members to do the same. 

8. Prepare favorite beverages like lemonade or Kool Aid in gallon-sized pitchers, and you won't have to make them as often.


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