Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dental Care

Be honest 

b4 u read on answer this: 

1)how long do u brush ur teeth???? 

2)How many times a day do you brush em??? 

3)How often do u change ur brush?? 

4)do you brush ur teeth b4 going to bed??? 

now u can read on 

1) One shuld brush the teeth 3-4 minutes!! 

2) One shuld brush the teeth twice for 3-4 minutes rather than quick brushing several times!! 

3) U shuld change ur brush every 3-4 mnths!!!cozey become ineffective and may harbor harmful bacterial 

4)One shuld brush b4 going to bed coz Mutans streptococci, the bacteria involved in causing tooth decay, multiply 30 times overnight if you haven't brushed your teeth before going to bed.


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