Friday, January 30, 2009

Creating A Weight Loss Walking Habit

by Jim Bolding

Walking is one of the easiest and most profitable forms of
exercise. All you need is a good pair of shoes, comfortable
clothing, and desire. Of the three desire is the one that
you really can't do without. Ok, maybe some clothing.  

Spring has now arrived and the weather will be warming up
soon. So there's really no reason not to consider building a
walking habit. 

The "taper on/taper off" method of creating a good habit or
breaking a bad one is what I like to use. With this method
you just take baby steps toward forming a new good habit or
breaking a bad one. It works for me. 

Building a good habit takes time. You should expect about
three or four weeks of continuous repetition to create a
weight loss walking habit. 

If you have the desire, I mean really, really have the
desire to make walking a habit the rest is easy. Just walk
out the door. You're not walking to improve health or to
lose weight or any of the other reasons walking is so good
for you. You're walking to create a habit. 

Keep the sessions short. Five minutes will be ok. You're
"tapering on" to a weight loss walking habit. What's
important at this stage is just doing it. The duration
doesn't matter; it's the repetition that matters. 

After three or four weeks of just getting out the door you
can begin increasing the duration and intensity of your new

Your long-term goal for a weight loss walking program
should be walking a minimum of five days a week for 45 to
60 minutes at a "talking" pace. But that's on down the road.
Right now don't worry about it. Just get out the door.


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