Monday, February 8, 2016

Motivational Quote Monday : If You Run Towards Solution....

If You Run Towards Solution rather than away from your problems, you propel your life forward and enjoy the route along the way

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Angel

I just joined 30-day blogging challenge of Amanda. It's a themed challenge. We have to write 5 posts per week on a specific theme. This week's theme is to create content that reveals our self. To be written something about us.
       I am mom to my three cute daughters and wife to my husband and a caretaker of the house. But what is my identity besides these roles? I never had the time to think about myself, about my identity. There was no time to think about my happiness, my dreams or do something no matter how small just for me. There was no me time.
              Then something terrible happened and one angel came into my life. She softly holds my hand and guided me to meet myself. She encouraged me to do something just for me, for my happiness without hurting my other roles as mom, wife or caretaker. She is no more with me today. She is gone from where no one returns back. The god called her back. But she is always in my heart, in my prayers. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

How to Make the Most of Your Figure ? ? ? No Matter Your Type

True, every woman would like to have the ideal figure; to possess the slender, perfectly-proportioned figure. But if you cannot have it, do not waste time in vain regrets. Decide right now what type of figure you have and play up its best points for all you are worth.

Know your type! Just as the hands are distinguishable by their variations of shape, so the human figure shows many distinct differences. The modern movement aims to bring out the latent beauty in the various figure types.

Stand before a long mirror and take a good look at yourself-au naturel, for preference. Steady yourself with an observing and unprejudiced eye, as if you were seeing yourself for the first time. Perhaps your back has a too-deep in curve at the waist; your hips may be the thing that catch and hold your attention, or on the other hand, you may suffer from too-generous embonpoint (such a nice word for "tummy," don't you think?). 

What's to be done? If you wear the right foundation garment you can depend on it to do its share by supporting you in the right places, but do give it a little hearty cooperation. It works from the outside in; you must work from the inside out. You must get down and exercise those muscles that support your bones-that hold your back in line, your hips down, and your diaphragm in.

You Are a Sway-back Type

Today the pretty curves of the sway back figure are very much in vogue, but those of you who possess this extremely youthful figure should be careful not to let yourself overcurve-especially at the back waist. This will throw the diaphragm forward, and- horrible thought-give you a noticeable derrière (the nice French word for it).
So make up your mind that you are going to keep your curves, but to keep them under control.

Here's an exercise a very simple one -which will keep that spine in correct alignment. Place a chair with its back about a foot from the wall--just far enough so that you can squeeze through. Now edge through-and notice as you do how you bring your buttocks in and under you. You do the samething when you edge past people already seated in the theatre. You slim up without realising it. You straighten out your spine, draw in your "tummy" and diaphragm, and flatten out those rear curves.

Worried About Your Hips?

Don't be! If they're very big because of bony structure no power on earth can change them. But if you carry yourself well you can make them seem half their size. 
The thing you have to guard against is flesh. Unfortunately, this figure, already large in the hips, displays a tendency to accumulate unwanted flesh below the waist, adding inches just at the one place where it is not wanted.

So exercise!

Here's an entertaining way of getting the hips, particularly that part known as the buttocks, where they should be. It's splendid for the abdominal muscles as well.

Lie flat on the floor. Now bend your right knee up and towards your chin. Squeeze your thigh-bone hard against your body so that you feel the contraction of the groin muscles and muscles of the lower abdomen. Stop before you're tired, and. try the left leg. Then raise both legs at once, pressing the thighs hard against the abdominal wall. And, if you're really ambitious, stand up, lean your back against the nearest wall, and repeat the exercise with first one leg and then the other. 

If you're doing it correctly you're bound to feel pressure way down in your abdominal muscles and in the muscles of  your back. These muscles are vastly Important because they're the ones that hold your pelvis at the right angle and your buttocks down and under.

Remember always to:

1. Keep your feet parallel, letting your weight fall not on your toes, not on your heels, but directly over your ankle-bones.

2. Bring your knees immediately over your ankles and keep them easy. Locked knees are ugly and give rise to many figure faults.

3. You know where your hip-bones are? Well, line them up above your kneecaps and ankle-bones and keep your hips well down at the back.

4. Unless you especially admire pouter pigeons, don't shove your chest up and out. Keep your ribs easy and low.

5. Don't tense your shoulders; don't thrust them back; don't droop them forward; don't hold them high about your ears Hold them easily, far out at the sides.

6. Balance your head naturally, so that a line passing through the lobe of your ear will also cut through the middle of your shoulder.

Individuality has spread through all phases of life; it has relieved us of the burden of being standardized in thought, in action, in dress, in the face, in the figure. Be true to yourself, to your best self is the gospel of 1916.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Friendship Quotes Friday : Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest. It’s about who came, and never left your side.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

3 Beautiful Advent Candleholder You will Love Instantly

As we all know is about preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Advent starts four Sunday before starting Christmas reminds us of Jesus's arrival. Every Sunday a candle is lit to represent hope, peace, joy and love, respectively. The advent calendar holder is specially made for advent candles. These three are my favourites.

This is extremely beautiful and adds joy and glamour of Christmas in your home. Each side of the candleholder is different scene of nativity is displayed. It has a nice carved look.

This intricately handcrafted and hand painted advent candle holder adds elegance to decor of the room at Christmas. You will love weekly prayer engraved around the edge.
                            Create a gracious atmosphere with these beautiful embellishments. These are splendidly designed to give an exclusive look to the environs.
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to Prevent Holiday Accidents with Children

Every mother, every father, and every child of readable age should read this article. Not only does it contain sensible advice and practical help, but, in addition, gives a simple and happy method whereby children can be trained to be careful of their own and one another's safety.

It is unfortunate that many holidays are spoiled by some family disaster, which, usually, could have been avoided by taking the necessary precautions.

One of the lesser of these disasters is severe sunburn, which often necessitates the child remaining in bed for a day or so afterwards, missing much of the holiday fun, besides suffering a great deal of unnecessary pain. Children should have all portions of their bodies exposed by the bathing or sun-suit rubbed over well with olive or coconut oil before bathing or lying in the sun. It is a good plan to take a bottle of such oil to the beach or river and apply it to any portions of the body which show signs of reddening. If the oil is used unstintingly there will be no ill-effects and the child will brown nicely instead of being burnt. The mother who has been in the habit of insisting upon obedience in her children reaps her reward during holiday time when a failure to obey may result in accidents or loss of life.

The children should be trained to be careful of their own and one another's safety. To train them in this, one can institute the game of "Stop, Look, and Listen" in one's own backyard. On the word "Go" the children either walk or run towards some given object. At the word "Stop!" they must pull themselves up as quickly as possible, the one who does so the best having won the game.

When going out for walks the game can be expanded to include watching and listening when the word "Stop!" is commanded at crossroads. The game should not be played at every crossroad lest it becomes monotonous, but should be sprung upon the children as a surprise at the most dangerous corners. In this case, in addition to stopping quickly, the child must look and report "motor car to the left," ''Horse and cart to the right," as the case may be. This game also teaches the child to distinguish
between right and left, which might be of great value in some emergency.

Children by this means learn pleasurable to look in each direction before crossing streets or roads, to cross over without dawdling if nothing is found to be coming, and to obey the traffic officers. It should be pointed out to the child that so long as he is on the footpath there is no danger. In playing these games be careful not to let the child develop any abnormal fear of traffic. He should simply be made to feel that if he keeps the rule of the road all will be well.

Teach the children never to alight from train, bus, or motor car until it has stopped. A story of how a newspaper boy jumped off a moving bus and was seriously injured by a passing motor proves valuable here. Alighting from the wrong side of a tram should be prohibited.

Matches should not be left within the children's reach, and they should be taught from an early age never to touch them. The love of setting things alight to see the pretty flames is, unfortunately,  part of a child's nature, so a wholesome fear of the consequences of striking matches may justifiably be imparted by suitable stories.

A child should also have some knowledge of the dangers of electricity. Many very sad cases of lack of such knowledge have been reported in the Press lately. The child must learn that he is never to touch anything connected the electric iron, electric wires, broken wires, etc.

Make sure that you do not leave a chair in a handy position for a young child to climb up and get anything which is supposed to be out of his reach.

Beware of Their Imaginations

Sharp objects knives, skewers needles, pins, etc.-must be kept well out of the children's reach. No child should be left in a house by himself or with other children only. One may think everything is quite safe, but there is no knowing what devices the children's imagination may be productive of.

Beware of poisonous medicines! These should be marked with a red band and be labelled "Poison!" Keep such bottles and packages high up or well hidden. It is best to keep poisons under lock and key. In giving medicines be sure to read the label carefully, and do not take any medicine at night without putting on the light and making sure you have the right bottle.

If all these precautions are taken the holiday will not be marred by preventable accidents.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Are Parents Responsible for Children's Complex?

It is of great importance to see that the child is given every chance to meet life with a healthy body. It is of more importance to see that the child has a healthy mind.

Specialists are emphatic on the point that our characters are determined not by ourselves, but by our parents or guardians. The neurotic woman in most cases is so because of some defect in early training. The youthful criminal follows his line of activity, not so much because he can help it as because his parents or guardians presented him with an inability to cope with normal life.

Not so long ago important investigations were made into the question of the delinquent girls of certain Institutions. An examination of some thousands of cases revealed that nine of these girls out of ten came either from difficult homes or ones in which there was a certain amount of abnormality.
Examination of the boy criminal has revealed in many cases a similar state of affairs.

What are the things that are harmful to the child in the home? Firstly, all psychologists combinen to impress upon the world the fact that marital disagreement in front of children is one of the worst things that can happen. The child who sees its father and mother squabbling incessantly is presented with a complex which takes years to rectify; if, indeed, it is rectified at all. Sometimes marriages
are unhappy not because of the sins of the couple concerned, but because of certain defects In the lives of their parents.

Each parent has a responsibility of a different nature towards the child. From the father the child looks for guidance and discipline, combined with love. From the mother a child looks for tenderness and boundless affection.

When one or other parent is absent or deceased the child suffers from a disadvantage. It is very difficult for a single parent to combine the desired attributes of both. This brings us to the subject of divorce and separation, and psychologists are emphatic on the point that where there is only one parent in the home the child is under a handicap. when the occasions arise.

Things like drunkenness in the home, or outstanding vices on the part of either parent, have a tremendous influence on the child. A child who sees its father in a frequent state of intoxication cannot be blamed for having an abnormal outlook on certain questions. Another child who sees its mother pick up a pot and hurl it at the father cannot be blamed if she does  exactly the same when her turn comes to marry. After all, a child can only learn by imitating others.

                       For children's emotional security a strong bond between parents is essential.


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