Monday, November 23, 2015

Are Parents Responsible for Children's Complex?

It is of great importance to see that the child is given every chance to meet life with a healthy body. It is of more importance to see that the child has a healthy mind.

Specialists are emphatic on the point that our characters are determined not by ourselves, but by our parents or guardians. The neurotic woman in most cases is so because of some defect in early training. The youthful criminal follows his line of activity, not so much because he can help it as because his parents or guardians presented him with an inability to cope with normal life.

Not so long ago important investigations were made into the question of the delinquent girls of certain Institutions. An examination of some thousands of cases revealed that nine of these girls out of ten came either from difficult homes or ones in which there was a certain amount of abnormality.
Examination of the boy criminal has revealed in many cases a similar state of affairs.

What are the things that are harmful to the child in the home? Firstly, all psychologists combinen to impress upon the world the fact that marital disagreement in front of children is one of the worst things that can happen. The child who sees its father and mother squabbling incessantly is presented with a complex which takes years to rectify; if, indeed, it is rectified at all. Sometimes marriages
are unhappy not because of the sins of the couple concerned, but because of certain defects In the lives of their parents.

Each parent has a responsibility of a different nature towards the child. From the father the child looks for guidance and discipline, combined with love. From the mother a child looks for tenderness and boundless affection.

When one or other parent is absent or deceased the child suffers from a disadvantage. It is very difficult for a single parent to combine the desired attributes of both. This brings us to the subject of divorce and separation, and psychologists are emphatic on the point that where there is only one parent in the home the child is under a handicap. when the occasions arise.

Things like drunkenness in the home, or outstanding vices on the part of either parent, have a tremendous influence on the child. A child who sees its father in a frequent state of intoxication cannot be blamed for having an abnormal outlook on certain questions. Another child who sees its mother pick up a pot and hurl it at the father cannot be blamed if she does  exactly the same when her turn comes to marry. After all, a child can only learn by imitating others.

                       For children's emotional security a strong bond between parents is essential.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

How To Handle Puppy Anxiety Like A Pro

Some new puppy owners are so worried about housebreaking puppies that they forget to learn How to handle puppy separation anxiety. It's important for puppy owners to learn true puppy separation anxiety solutions. One way to do this is to get a puppy used to being in a crate. This can be done by using treats placed inside the crate. Allowing the puppy to freely go in and out of the crate will help build a certain comfort level. Closing the door once the puppy is inside will get the puppy used to being inside. The time that the puppy is inside can be slowly increased day to day.

Toys can also be used when dealing with puppy separation anxiety. Once the puppy is used to being in the crate for an hour or so, a toy or bone can be introduced to the crate. The puppy can then pass time by playing with the toy or bone. If a puppy ever starts barking while inside the crate, it's important for the dog owner to ignore the noise. Paying attention to the puppy while noise is being made will only re enforce this type of behavior. The puppy should only be allowed out of the crate when there isn't any noise being made.

For some people, learning How to handle puppy separation anxiety may be more difficult because they don't leave home a lot. Some retired people may forget that their puppies have to be trained to deal with puppy anxiety just like other dogs. In such cases, people can place puppies in other rooms once every so often so that the puppy learns that it's perfectly fine to be alone. Ideally, the room should be far enough away so that the puppy doesn't really hear that the owner is home. Doing this at night when the owner is going to bed can work. Pretending to exit the home is sometimes good because it gets the puppy used to hearing the door close.

Another puppy separation anxiety treatment is getting the puppy to associate leaving with good things. Putting on a jacket or jingling keys can be done just for practice. After these things are done, a treat can be given to the puppy. When it comes time to really leave, a puppy won't get nervous when these signs are noticed.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Motivational Quote Monday : Miracle Start to Happen When.....

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.

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Adorable Christmas Gift for Cookie Makers

Christmas and cookie are inseparable. We can’t imagine one without the other.

                                               Baking cookies with Christmas theme is so much exciting.These Christmas cookie cutters are excellent gifts for all cookie makers.

These Christmas cookie cutters are very sturdy, not flimsy like some of those bargain cutters.

    They have a clean, sharp metal edge which makes it easy to cut dough. The metal doesn't bend. They won't rust because they're stainless steel.

   The edge is sharp enough to cut smoothly through dough without leaving rough edges. The shapes come out so crisp. Making large cookies mean fewer cookies to frost.

     Having nice deep sides (1 3/4") making them very versatile. These are perfect for making a crustless sandwich in a cute Christmas shape.You can cut the centre of a pie crust for a special look.

It is great for making a stencil for cards.You can use it to make a Christmas ornament from clays.

                  The soft plastic comfort grip prevents the cutter from hurting your hands while pressing cutter into cookie dough. It makes it easy and comfortable for little hands to easily cut cookies. Your kids will love pressing the bright coloured cookie cutter into the dough and they will make nearly perfect cookies each time.

   The padded grip is good for folks with problem hands like arthritis too.
They are easy to clean as they go through the dishwasher.

    Hope they will make your Christmas cookies making enjoyable & fun.

            Leave me a comment… I'd love to hear from you

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Motivational Quote Monday : People may throw stones....

In this world, people may throw stones in your path of success, it depends on you what you make from them,a wall or a bridge.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blog Makeover Challenge : Day Nine

Today's task was to inject personality in our blog post. 

Daniela Uslan gave us these pointers for doing this.

1) Tell Stories

2) Be Vulnerable

3) Use words that you would normally use in your conversation

4) Be super specific

5) Poke fun at yourself a little bit

            I went though my posts and I think my posts reflect my personality. 
              What do you think? Tell me in comments?

Saturday, August 15, 2015


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