Sunday, February 5, 2017

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

How to Improve Your Voice to Match Your Personality

Now that 2017 is under way with the festive feasting over, it's time to take stock of yourself. You often think about how you look-but what about how you sound? lt's nice to have a nifty figure, luxuriant hair, and a good complexion, but don't, whatever you do, make the mistake of neglecting that other so-important feature of your personality-your speaking voice. In this article I give you some tips about that.

You've probably been looking at yourself in the mirror for years by now, so you know your good and not-so-good features and you're learning to make the best of yourself, to give the best impression.

Could it just be possible that you ruin that impression the second you open your mouth?

The truth of this was never as clearly illustrated as by some of the silent-film stars whose careers ended with a crash when soundtracks were brought in.

Try this experiment some time. Say to the family pet, in a warm, loving manner:"I hate you, you little beast. You ugly little monster."

Know how your dog will react? Wagging tail, moist tongue, rolling over-the whole glad bit. You know why? Because he hears and responds to the TONE of your voice, not the words.

That's why your mother warns you to mean it when you say, "Sorry." The tone of your voice convinces people that you are genuinely sorry-or glad, sad, angry or not.

Remember the old fairy tale about the two beautiful maidens who were rewarded by a magic gift according to their personality. The kind, thoughtful girl spoke, and beautiful jewels dropped from her lips. From the mouth of the nasty, disagreeable one came the toads.

A woman is often judged by people she may never meet, simply by the tone of her -voice over the telephone.

Nobody likes to spend much time with a woman with a whiny voice, a monotonous or rasping voice. A voice pitched too high and too loud can ruin a girl's romance or her chance for a job. Just lowering the voice both in key and volume will work wonders.

Every woman should-and can if she tries, cultivate a low-pitched, warm, lilting voice with undertones of humor, sincerity, and glad-to-be-aliveness.

Voice-recorders can do much to help careless speakers. Try listening to yourself on a voice-recorder, you may get a shock.
 “BUT it can't be ME!" That's the typical reaction from anyone who hears himself speaking on a voice-recorder for the first time. But your voice IS you. What you say and how you say it tells people what you feel, how you think-who you are.

How to improve it

It is their contention that women with unpleasant voices should take steps to remedy the situation once they hear how they sound to others. You must try to judge yourself where your trouble lies.

It may be physical-adenoids, sinus, or the shape of your mouth. More often, though, it's just laziness. People just don't put enough energy behind it. You've got to think and work at speaking nicely.

If your fault is physical, there's nothing you can do other than see a doctor or speech therapist.

But if it's just the quality (or tone) that needs improvement, your best bet is humming. Hum in the bath, hum when you wash up hum when you work in the garden.

The humming will gradually bring your voice forward, and so improve the tone.

If people keep asking you to repeat what you say, or you notice yourself that your speech is not clear, it usually means that your tongue or lips (or both) are not flexible enough.

So lock yourself in your room and start rolling your RRRRRs.

Another good exercise is to hold your lips loosely together and blow, making that silly bbbrrring noise. In fact, many of the silly noises we all make as babies are good speech exercises.

Lucky if you baby-sit regularly-for what youngster doesn't beg for more from a good story-teller? Concentrate on using your imagination to be effective. Try to create excitement and give proper meaning to a story.

The listeners' pleasure becomes your profit as you add texture, depth, even beauty, to your voice. Notice even the smallest change and keep reading aloud and striving for well-modulated tones.

  A woman's voice is one of the most important facets in her total self. Your voice is as deserving of cultivation as your figure.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

How to Do Quick Beauty Treatment on Short Notice

Can you look as fresh and well-groomed as if you had spent hours at a beauty parlor?

Perhaps you are a business girl, a busy housewife, or a woman who, after a day of tiring social duties, is confronted with an irresistible invitation to a dinner, a party, or a dance.

You know you are not looking your best, you're tired and you haven't had time to rest. Yet a half-hour's careful preparation will banish fatigue, you CAN be the life of the party.

First and foremost, bring out the nicest frock you have and your daintiest lingerie. Put away the idea that because you're tired, nothing matters and that any thing will do.

Get everything ready so that when you have completed, you will not have to fuss about anything and so spoil the effect and perhaps your evening.

Set the bath-heater going, or turn on the taps if you're the fortunate possessor of hot-water service. Now dust some talcum powder into your stockings-especially if going to a dance.

Brush your hair well for a couple of minutes. If you haven't a setting lotion, dissolve as much gelatine (crystals) as will lie on a three penny piece in hot water, and brush this into your hair until it is damp. While the hair is moist, set the waves, using either one of the many wavers you can get, and which you will probably have with you, or, failing this, coax the waves, and after fixing them with pins or clips, slip a shower cap over your hair.

To Banish Fatigue

Your bath should now be ready. Throw in a handful or so of perfumed crystals, and, before you step in, rinse all dust and make-up off your face. Cover the face and throat with your favorite skin food, working it well in with gentle but firm massage movements.

Relax completely in the bath with your face still covered with skin food and your hair in the waves and a net. Relax mentally as well as physically. Forget that you have had a busy or tiring day-forget that you are going out-forget everything.

It is important to get into the right mental state. After five minutes of complete relaxation, brush your body vigorously, then stand up in your bath and, with a large sponge, give your body a sponge over with warm, cool, and then cold water. Finally, an all-over rub with Eau-de-Cologne.

Dry the body with a rough towel, rubbing until the skin glows. Dust with talcum, and use a deodorising liquid on the armpits. Then get into your dressing gown.

Rinse the cream off your face with an astringent lotion. Use rose water if you haven't anything else, 

If you have a few moments, rub your hands well with a cream and give them a brief, but careful manicure. If time permits, lie on the bed for a few moments with lights out, or blinds drawn. But you should feel fresh enough after your sponge down to commence dressing at once.

Apply your make-up carefully, and in good light, it is best to give any spare moments to this if you want to feel you are looking your best.

Before putting on your stockings, dab the feet with Eau-de-Cologne. When you take off your cap, you should find that your hair has responded quickly to the temporary treatment and curling lotion, and should be set in lovely waves with your fingers and the comb.

Now turn your attention to your toilet necessities for the evening. See that you have everything you need in your handbag. You don't want a last minute rush that will undo your half hour's work.

When your preparations are completed, and you have donned your smartest frock and wrap, you should look as fresh and well-groomed as if you had spent hours at a beauty parlor.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Motivational Quote Monday : To be Kind is More Important Than to be Right

To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Friendship Quotes Friday: Good Friends Are Like Diamonds Precious And Rare

Good Friends Are Like Diamonds
   Precious And Rare

Share if you like it.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Do you know What Wrinkles reveals? Age or Something Else?

What do wrinkles tell? Not your age, certainly, for different people wrinkle at different ages. Usually, wrinkles tell the tale of increasing worries or an increasing tendency to worry, rather than increasing years. But you can, if you make up your mind, overcome worry . .. you can, with consistent care, eliminate tell'tale lines. 

Of course, there is a lot on the type of skin you have to influence your wrinkles. The face with a rather heavy skin, not very thin, usually wrinkles less than the very thin face with fine skin. You can't do much about that, you will say, for that is inherent. But you can! 

And you can do a lot about worrying. You can really form the habit of not worrying, at least not very much. Worrying doesn't do any good. And we usually worry about the things over which we have no control. It is a wasted physical and emotional exercise. 

Active interests help keep us from worrying. A pleasant social life helps. 

Sometimes bad eyesight brings on lots of wrinkles. If we are fitted to good glasses these wrinkles gradually disappear. 

The habit of screwing the face up as we talk or as we look at things also develops wrinkles. Watch some women as they work, they telephone with their faces all screwed up, they grimace when they call out to their children, they pucker their mouths when they think, they crinkle up their eyes when they sew. Whatever they do. they wrinkle their faces over it. And after a while, their wrinkles become deep-seated and permanent. 

Try to keep the face smooth and at ease, and your wrinkles won't develop. And if there are wrinkles, then work at massage to smooth them out. 

Massage This Way! 

For up-and-down wrinkles between the eyes, the thumbs should be placed beneath the chin and the first two fingers of both hands, with a little cold cream, should be rubbed back and forth across these wrinkles. 

The forehead should be very thoroughly washed each night with soap and water and then massaged. In the morning, it should be patted with an astringent. 

For crosswise wrinkles on the forehead, the thumbs should be placed at the sides of the head, just in front of the ears, and the wrinkles should be massaged with the fingertips, crosswise of the wrinkles.

 Persistent massage will help do away with even deep wrinkles on the forehead. But these wrinkles should not be formed. Self-control and good glasses will keep them from forming. Don't scowl, don't screw the eyes up. If you can't see without doing that, buy new glasses. 

Simple Rotary Movement 

Intelligent use of these movements will remove lines at the side of the mouth and nose: Dip the first three fingers of both hands in the cream or skin food and commence massage with a rotary motion at the corner of the mouth, working upwards to the jawbone beneath the ear. Keep the fingers well below the cheekbone. 

Now massage the side of the nose below the hollow of the eye, across the cheek and temple. Carry on beyond the hairline. 

Massage is a great help to beauty. It is also tonic in its effect on the nervous system. How many women have banished headaches, caused by worry and strain, by gently massaging the scalp, and felt younger and fresher after a face massage! 

It is magical in its effect on tired skins and nerves! Look in your mirror now and be proud of your beautiful skin.


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